A throne of meekness

To everyone engaged in creating #ValueforSociety, my best wishes for the Festive Season. It was an amazing year full of gratitude for the many achievements together: thank you to all. Take some time to #meditation on the following:

A throne of meekness

What if those who program the Future wouldn't include in the Agenda only the construction of a Citadel for the privileged few and the Candy land for the healthy, nice, intelligent and spoiled children, both places with sophisticated filters to prevent noticing the sick patients, the poor , the Dead Land, but would instead include the construction of 'meeting places', the 'Academies of dialogue' where to venture into new knowledge, 'frames of sharing' for weaving relations and developing a taking care of each other culture? Archibishop Delpini, Milan Advent 2017 #happycfo www.thehappycfo.it

You Wanna Be Happy ?

Master the moment with wonderment and enthusiasm.

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” — Socrates



Sarah Knight, pHD student at the University of York and Data Impact Fellow for the UK Data Service, shares her findings from earlier this year, and our Director, Nancy Hey, places them into the wider policy context.


We are just beginning to understand how the natural and physical environment impacts our quality of life. Recent research has shown that exposure and proximity to natural places, such as green and blue spacesweather, and biodiversity all impact our overall well-being. But how much value do we put on environmental features relative to other factors that affect our quality of life?


Einstein's Happiness Formula

Albert Einstein's happiness formula is simple: a quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest. Sold for more than 1.5M$ ⭐️

10 Horrible Habits that ruin your Happiness

Avoid Habits that destroy your Happiness  We are all constantly in pursuit of happiness. Every day we make choices in life that affect how we feel and think about ourselves. We usually believe we are making good decisions that will bring us closer to a state of well-being. We naturally seek to avoid fear and create a comfortable life.

From ME to WE

If you do not understand your people how can you lead?

A True Measure Of Leadership Success: Seven Guiding Principles

Recently, a 70-year-old CEO reflected with me, “In the end, the real measure of success will unlikely be our accomplishments or achievements. Rather, our most authentic measure will likely be the lasting impact we had on the lives of people.”

How famous people learn to impact the world

10 Quotes will make you understand Success

Take inspiration from these quotes to master your success.

7 Brain Hacks that will improve your success


To stay ahead in life, you need to be a constant learner. These hacks will help you pull it off. To stay competitive in business and ahead of the game, it’s increasingly important to continually learn new skills