9. May, 2020

New Normal, No thanks. Give me a Fresh Start

According to the Oxford Dictionary "The New Normal" means "a previously unfamiliar or atypical situation that has become standard, usual, or expected". For example 32% of Americans say spending less is the new normal, according to a recent poll.

We hear quite often, especially among the wealthier and more powerful on Earth to refer to "the new normal". It means working from home, packed with your kids with a school system incapable of really helping you; it means a health system that collapses when extra oxygen is needed, with 0,01% Intensive care unit per inhabitant, a business world with 10% at least increase of unemployment, just a few days after a lockdown is applied. Sorry don't give me a New Normal. 

We need a Fresh Start. In the dictionary FreshStart doesn't exists. But the two words are very positive and powerful. Fresh implies for a person bright or healthy, the return to full energy, a positive push: ‘a fresh northerly wind was speeding the ship southwards’

Start has also various meanings , the one I propose is "Use a particular point, action, or circumstance as an opening for a course of action". Yes we need a FreshStart. A positive, bright push for a new course of action”.

While New normality implies a sense of acceptance of the continuation in a difficult situation that we all contributed to create. A normality that existed before and generated this mess, according a tweet by Mariana Mazzucato today.

 Now Covid gets all the accuses: it is the guilty subject. It forces to “New normality”.

Covid should have organized the research in a more collaborative way giving the right value to prompt availability of research resources and production capacity to build a stronger vaccine industry; Covid should have accepted fairer returns to its shares instead of accepting very volatile and low paid jobs in the companies where it invests; Covid was greed when pushed globalization so intensively to be caught off guards by masks requests; Covid should  have invested more in digital and technology, for schools, health, working environments to allow a more efficient and flexible society.

Yes, Covid you are guilty and  we do need a FreshStart.