29. Feb, 2020

RenAIssance: The Algorithm for Good

Is there a "Good Algorithm" that would enhance Humanity , respecting each individual rights? Artificial Intelligence can be a force for Good? How to regulate it in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism? The world need a #RenAIssance to use proper use of data to improve Health. The Pontificia Academia Pro Vita Mons. Vincenzo Paglia gathered Italian government Paola Pisano ,EU Parliament President David Sassoli, Brad Smith#Microsoft , John Kelly #IBM, Qu Dongyu #FAO to launch a call to promote “algor-ethics”, namely the ethical use of AI as defined by the following principles: 1. Transparency: in principle, AI systems must be explainable; 2. Inclusion: the needs of all human beings must be taken into consideration so that everyone can benefit and all individuals can be offered the best possible conditions to express themselves and develop; 3. Responsibility: those who design and deploy the use of AI must proceed with responsibility and transparency; 4. Impartiality: do not create or act according to bias, thus safeguarding fairness and human dignity; 5. Reliability: AI systems must be able to work reliably; 6. Security and privacy: AI systems must work securely and respect the privacy of users. I share the text of hashtag#aiethics for all those interest to join