5. Jan, 2020

2. 2020 Will Be The Year Of Sustainable Business: Here’s Why

As the start of a new decade peers over the horizon, many business leaders will be looking back on how much has changed over the last ten years. The smartphone has transformed everything, AI and automation have begun to take hold, Brexit and wider geopolitics have overwhelmed decision-making–there’s a lot to reflect on.While technology was definitely the game-changer in the 2010s, next year heralds a new focus for business leaders around the world: sustainability. Sustainability isn’t just about recycling or fair trade practices, as important as these are. It touches every part of a company, from its supply chain operations, to its talent practices, to the physical workspace itself. In 2020 and in the years beyond, this shift to sustainable business will take shape in several major, transformational ways. Article by Jonquil Hackenberg

1. Supply chains: Going circular

2.Talent: Hire to retire to re-hire

3.Workforces: Gig Economy gone good

4.Workplaces: Enter the Trust Economy