29. Nov, 2020

What does a Biden Administration mean for US climate policy, global climate action and financial markets? Ed Barbier, environmental economist, distinguished Professor of Economics at Colorado State University and author of multiple United Nations reports on green recoveries discusses US President-elect Joe Biden's 'Build Back Better' plan with the Green Finance Institute's Helen Avery and Ryan Jude.

28. Nov, 2020

To stay ahead of everybody else and beat disruption you need to constantly reinvent yourself. Business Models expire faster than ever before and you don’t want to become obsolete alongside their decline. Competition increasingly comes from unexpected places like insurgent startups in addition to traditional incumbent rivals. Invincible Companies constantly reinvent who they are and where and how they com- pete in order to stay relevant and ahead.

Very nice presentation by Vincenzo Di Maria  

Il percorso di Cariplo Factory nel supportare l'ecosistema di innovazione italiana verso una cultura aziendale più aperta, collaborativa e sostenibile.

Creare aziende invincibili progettando migliori modelli di business Strategyzer

22. Nov, 2020

“Steve Jobs has rightly been called a genius for the visionary products he conceived and marketed, [but] this story creates a myth about the origin of Apple’s success,” Mazzucato writes in her 2013 book The Entrepreneurial State. “Without the massive amount of public investment behind the computer and internet revolutions, such attributes might have led only to the invention of a new toy.

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The modus operandi of these mission-oriented institutions provided Mazzucato with an alternative vocabulary that told a different story about the role of the state. “Economics is full of stories,” she says. “Words like ‘enabling’, ‘facilitating’, ‘spending’, ‘regulating’ – they create a story of the state as boring and inertial. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We need a new narrative to guide better policies.” These mission-oriented institutions were actively creating and shaping markets, rather than merely fixing them. They were ambitiously seeking high-risk directions for research and investment, rather than outsourcing and avoiding uncertainty.

22. Nov, 2020

Did people really hope that the club of rich countries that is the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) would be able to offer the world solutions to end tax abuses by multinational corporations? Seven years after being mandated by the G20—the world’s top 20 economies—to overhaul the international tax system, the institution recently revealed a series of proposals which are as complex as they are disappointing.

Hospitals need more resources. The education system needs more resources. Small businesses, on the verge of bankruptcy, need more resources. And someone will have to foot the bill. That’s why it’s urgent to get these funds from tax havens. And since the OECD is unable to impose reform, it is time for the European Union to move forward, including by introducing an effective minimum tax on corporate profits. 

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15. Nov, 2020

Human civilization on planet Earth is threatened by three clusters of self-inflicted, existential crises. It’s time to take bold action.  Così mi ha detto Bob Willard durante il convegno INTEGRATE.

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