Mindfulness meditation has been practised for millennia, but formal
research about its many benefits is, by comparison, in its infancy. Michael Bunting is the founder of WorkSmart

The Attractiveness of Unhappy Looking People

We are often taught that the best way to prove attractive is to smile. The idea feels logical and for the most part highly appropriate, but it shouldn't sideline the particular appeal of visible sadness and melancholy. An essay on the charm and depth of sad faces.

The True Meaning of Self Respect

The true meaning of self respect

Respect is one of the most important qualities in your relationship with anyone, and there is no exception when it comes to your relationship with yourself. Self-respect encompasses a multitude of ideals, but it comes down to being the kind of person you are satisfied with showing the world and being someone that you and the people you care about are proud of. Self-respect is about having a sense of honor and dignity about yourself, your choices, and your life. It is about treating others well and knowing that by doing so, others will treat you well in return. Lastly, self-respect is knowing that not everyone will treat you well and choosing to respect everyone nonetheless, but still knowing that you deserve to be surrounded by great people. Having respect for yourself is vital in maintaining a positive self-image by allowing yourself to feel confident in who you are and content with the person you are becoming.

Imposta bene la tua giornata

Il Dr. Berrino ci insegna come dare valore alla nostra giornata e vivere. Franco Berrino, medico, ex direttore del Dipartimento di medicina preventiva dell’istituto nazionale dei tumori di Milano, ha studiato per 40 anni lo sviluppo delle malattie croniche. È autore, con Luigi Fontana, del bestseller La grande via: come vivere una vita lunga, sana creativa con alimentazione, movimento, meditazione.

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