• Purpose, Meaningfulnes and Happiness ai tempi del Covid Cosa impariamo dallo smart working forzato

    Il grande esperimento collettivo di smartworking forzato darà la spinta a ridisegnare I processi lavorativi per incrementare felicità, significatività e senso delle attività lavorative? Come impostare un Freshstart reimmaginando il lavoro?

  • New Normal,No Thanks

    According to the Oxford Dictionary "The New Normal" means "a previously unfamiliar or atypical situation that has become standard, usual, or expected". For example 32% of Americans say spending less is the new normal, according to a recent poll.

  • Sustainable Finance: utopia or reality?

    Nobody knows where the island of Utopia is.

    Utopia is a Greek pun on 'ou-topos' [no place] and 'eu-topos' [good place] and in modern times the word has been first used by Thomas More in 1516.

    In Utopia, there are no lawyers because of the laws' simplicity and because social gatherings are in public view, everyone is encouraged to behave well, men and women are educated alike. Nature is respected and loved.

  • Finance Sustainability and Happiness

    Every time I share my thoughts, I find Finance and non-Finance people agreeing that the matter requires attention and action. I presented and shared my philosophy at conferences in Milan, Paris, Basel and Oxford; via a blog and with about 30 articles on LinkedIn.Then I am thrilled to start as a Key note speaker in this prestigious Lithuanian Financial community. Unfortunately I cannot speak your language but coming here encouraged me to learn more about Lithuania, and helped me to discover an exciting story of Happiness that I will share in a few minutes.In the next 20 min, I will reflect on the role of Finance today in economy. When I use the word CFO I do not refer only to that group but I include all the leaders in Finance, Tax and Accounting that can work as well for the Good of Society, leveraging Sustainability and Happiness.

  • Finanza Sostenibilità e Felicità

    Per recuperare la fiducia dei cittadini nei confronti dell’impresa serve una Finanza rifondata, quella Finanza che non ha voluto porsi al servizio delle opportunità di business che derivano dalla sostenibilità ma si è posta come padrona del mondo.

    Lo spiega molto bene, Bertrand Badrè, ex CFO della Banca Mondiale, recentemente a Milano, nel suo libro: “e se la Finanza salvasse il mondo?”, edito da Solferino di cui ho promosso la traduzione. Badrè indica una strada: “se la Finanza è usata con intelligenza, responsabilità e creatività, può generare grandi cose e portarci molto più lontano di quanto avremmo potuto immaginare”.

  • #freshstart

    A powerful trio of experts will make Italy exit from Covid crisis with a Fresh Start.

    A combination of Happiness, Sustainability and Finance will make the country flourish again.

    The 3 experts have the potential to transform Italy with a renewed approach to Finance, that goes back to its servant role, Happiness that becomes the purpose of Society and Sustainability that is the process applied to evaluate new programs, and would give us all a better future. Reading through their CVs and past achievements in this article I try to imagine what proposals they could make for the Fresh Start.

  • The Happy CFO

    In my opinion, we need Happy CFOs. A Happy CFO has reached the short term objectives of his or her unit without compromising the long term sustainability. He or she has then optimized the use of money

  • The Happiness Advantage

    If we can find a way of becoming positive in the present, then our brains work even more successfully as we're able to work harder, faster and more intelligently.

  • Through Happy lens

    I guess that your team is still, maybe imprisoned in the Plato’s cave, they have their own knowledge and opinion on how to best run their area of accountability

  • 20 March INTL day Happiness

    The General Assembly, (..) conscious that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal, decides to proclaim 20 March the International Day of Happiness

  • CFO: Job of Happiness

    Companies contribute to Country economy growth. If all of them define long term sustainability objectives, we would have a lot of “happy CFOs"

  • Make them Flourish

    Veruska Gennari and Daniela di Ciaccio' : Positive Organisation Science creates a happy working environment where people flourish and reach results far above expectations

  • Happiness Agenda

    Is the Pursuit of Happiness high on the World Economic Forum Agenda in Davos? I am sitting in a Swiss chalet in Davos, waiting for the most powerful companies leaders to come.

  • Fill your Budget with Happiness

    One of the biggest process and rituals of nowadays corporations has its climax in October.How much time are we spending on Planning Happiness?

  • A 7 Days guide for the pursue of Happiness while working in Finance

    How Finance associates can help increasing Happiness in their working environment and companies? A 7 Days behavioural based approach

  • The Art of Measuring Happiness

    The subject of centuries of scrutiny and debate: how to measure happiness solved by the genius of Leonardo. He wasn’t able to measure it but he. …painted it. Stare at Mona Lisa and mirror yourself into Happiness

  • On Giant's shoulders

    I took the advantage to absorb from many colleagues a lot of their knowledge, behaviour, empathy, competencies, skills, and that made of me a better person, a better leader

  • Happiness, GDP, Money, Company

    Money increase Happiness, if you use it wisely – 5 rules

  • Budget: Motivation Anxiety and Control

    Grunting and patting each other in front of their objective was giving them the energy and motivation to go out in the open field

  • Budget: Setting targets

    How many times as CFOs we ask for probabilised Risk and Opportunities to understand what is the likelihood of a certain objective to be achieved, what are the actions in place to reach the objective.

  • What Finance Professionals can learn from Cricket Players

    A vision based on a profession that “will help people and organisations shape their futures, combining insight with integrity” – in other words, a future-focused, value-adding profession that goes way beyond the stewardship and scorekeeper roles of our past.

  • How an Italian CFO can explain "living in a leaning tower"​ to his HQs

    Ingram Pinn's illustration of the Italian situation published on FT the 26th Oct 2018, I am sure will catch the attention of many colleagues in HQs. The timing of the article is "perfect" as usually November is a month of budget presentation for many multinationals operating in Italy and with this image in front of their eyes, it would be tough for me, as any other CFO based in Italy, to wipe it from their brains.

  • Europe

    Ho cercato in alcuni saggi pubblicati recentemente, spunti per riflettere su quale atteggiamento e posizione prendere in vista delle opportunità delle Elezioni Europee.

    Ti riassumo di seguito come “Neuro-scettici: Perchè uscire dall’euro sarebbe una follia” di Leonardo Becchetti e “Il Filo Infinito” di Paolo Rumiz mi stanno motivando a sostenere la visione di un’ Europa unita.

  • Sustainable Agenda

    I am most touched by the excellent outcome that the ‘Co creating Social Impact’ booth had, during the recent Global Finance Forum in Novartis. It was impressive to see how Finance is already engaged into the Trust and Reputation Building objective and the Sustainability Agenda. The wealth of best practices, experiences, material and exchanges was huge.