• The Happy CFO

    In my opinion, we need Happy CFOs. A Happy CFO has reached the short term objectives of his or her unit without compromising the long term sustainability. He or she has then optimized the use of money

  • The Happiness Advantage

    If we can find a way of becoming positive in the present, then our brains work even more successfully as we're able to work harder, faster and more intelligently.

  • Through Happy lens

    I guess that your team is still, maybe imprisoned in the Plato’s cave, they have their own knowledge and opinion on how to best run their area of accountability

  • 20 March INTL day Happiness

    The General Assembly, (..) conscious that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal, decides to proclaim 20 March the International Day of Happiness

  • CFO: Job of Happiness

    Companies contribute to Country economy growth. If all of them define long term sustainability objectives, we would have a lot of “happy CFOs"

  • Make them Flourish

    Veruska Gennari and Daniela di Ciaccio' : Positive Organisation Science creates a happy working environment where people flourish and reach results far above expectations

  • Happiness Agenda

    Is the Pursuit of Happiness high on the World Economic Forum Agenda in Davos? I am sitting in a Swiss chalet in Davos, waiting for the most powerful companies leaders to come.

  • Fill your Budget with Happiness

    One of the biggest process and rituals of nowadays corporations has its climax in October.How much time are we spending on Planning Happiness?

  • A 7 Days guide for the pursue of Happiness while working in Finance

    How Finance associates can help increasing Happiness in their working environment and companies? A 7 Days behavioural based approach

  • The Art of Measuring Happiness

    The subject of centuries of scrutiny and debate: how to measure happiness solved by the genius of Leonardo. He wasn’t able to measure it but he. …painted it. Stare at Mona Lisa and mirror yourself into Happiness

  • On Giant's shoulders

    I took the advantage to absorb from many colleagues a lot of their knowledge, behaviour, empathy, competencies, skills, and that made of me a better person, a better leader

  • Happiness, GDP, Money, Company

    Money increase Happiness, if you use it wisely – 5 rules

  • Budget: Motivation Anxiety and Control

    Grunting and patting each other in front of their objective was giving them the energy and motivation to go out in the open field

  • Budget: Setting targets

    How many times as CFOs we ask for probabilised Risk and Opportunities to understand what is the likelihood of a certain objective to be achieved, what are the actions in place to reach the objective.

  • What Finance Professionals can learn from Cricket Players

    A vision based on a profession that “will help people and organisations shape their futures, combining insight with integrity” – in other words, a future-focused, value-adding profession that goes way beyond the stewardship and scorekeeper roles of our past.