3. Mar, 2018

The next frontier in Sustainable Finance

Yann Gérardin

Yann Gérardin

I am very proud to announce our new innovative financing solution to support Danone’s vision and ambition to achieve business success as a sustainable corporation. Danone has set tangible goals to significantly increase the percentage of its subsidiaries obtaining a B Corp certification, as well as improve its Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) scores under Sustainalytics and Vigeo Eiris ESG ratings. B Corp, Sustainalytics and Vigeo Eiris are highly credible and stringent evaluators of ESG performance, and to see a leading global food and beverage company paving the way for other companies to transparently expand their positive impact, is inspiring.

This financing solution is truly innovative because our facility links Danone’s ESG performance to the pricing, offering a discount when outperforming on their two sustainable goals, or even a premium when underperforming. A transaction that demonstrates that delivering on sustainability will ultimately drive economic performance? Yes, this is the future of banking.

This innovation is just one of many examples we are working on to support our clients’ transition paths to integrating sustainability into their business. We admire their bold commitments to hold themselves to ambitious goals in sustainability, and we are equally committed to providing the innovative solutions to help them get there. At BNP Paribas, we are putting sustainability at the heart of our business model, and under the guiding framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the COP 21 Paris Agreement, aim to be the Bank for building a better society.