5. Jan, 2018

A black hole for our best and brightest

A recent Tweet from Mariana Mazzucato reopens the debate on the contribution of Finance to Economy. The Tweet refers to a Washington Post article of some time ago.

A different reading of the article included in the text invite to check the sources.

While WP suggests to the brightest to follow a career outside Finance, Nobel Prize Robert Shiller has a different view.

He is the inspirer of this blog:

What is the role of Finance in Society, how Happiness and Finance can live together?

My inspiration is Robert J. Shiller’s "Finance and the Good Society": “What I want most for my students - he writes, – near and far, young and old – to know, is that finance truly has the potential to offer hope for a more fair, just - and Happy I add - world, and that their energy and intelligence are needed to help serve this goal.”

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