1. Sep, 2019

Ever wondered how accountants and finance professionals become better business partners?

Finance Business Partnering has been around since Stanley Harding coined the term in 1963, and as much as it’s a bit of a buzzword nowadays there are very few books on the topic compared to the plethora of accounting & finance books so where can we start, or what’s particularly of most interest how can we become better business partners.
Well on this special episode we’ve taken the practical advice four of our guest mentors and some of the insights they share are:

• How we can practically become that business partner / financial mentor they are looking for.
• 5 blockers to business partnering
• The two customers of Finance.
• 4 components that make up a Strategic Business Partner

1. Sep, 2019

Here the link of the event:

1. Sep, 2019

Inspiring motivating and optimist speech by Bertrand Badré at Sarzana Festival della Mente. Ethics, Simplicity, Accountability and Transparency can drive a big positive change. Great support from Casa Solferino Luisa Sacchi BianchiFrancesco Grillohashtag#marktoplanethashtag#financecansavetheworld

8. Aug, 2019